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Growth and performance

If you’ve been monitoring us over the last five years, you would have witnessed the surge in organic growth and performance output as a business that is incredibly exciting to us. Our continuous growth is down to our core values and investment in our people, this has enabled us to build successful client relationships that has led to repeat business year in, year out. We are forward thinking, innovative and dedicated to providing the highest of standards whilst forging long term relationships. TSL’s successful reputation within the refurbishment & private sectors comes down to our dedication and commitment to our clients, quality workmanship, reliability and delivering projects on time and within budget while maintaining safety of the people throughout.

"We build our business & relationships on the four pillars of our business"

These values are at the forefront of how we conduct ourselves establishing us as a company that is trusted and relied upon across the industry.

Our hidden pillar we continuously emphasis internally is communication, in order to fulfil our mission statement of an unrivalled communication experience for our clients, this, we’ve invested in our own web-based software. This provides a project specific link to all documentation which can be tailored to suit each & every client on all types of projects. Utilising technology in conjunction with our experience, we believe we can achieve the new heights of communication that we aspire too.
Our culture is built upon each and every member of our team being polite & personable with a positive “can do” attitude, while upholding professional integrity at all times. Our business culture ensures TSL are being recognised for its service levels with a consistent approach across all areas of the business.

Knowledge, Passion & Skills

TSL started life as a southern branch to Topek Ltd with former personnel and ownership having ties within the Scottish depths of the Glasgow office and this often leads to confusion on the name itself and continued ties to this business, this isn’t the case and inspired the subsequent abbreviation to “TSL” over recent years. This was a result of management buy-outs to both businesses, respectively; creating a new era of TSL gold after parting ways several years ago…

The head office has been located within Portsmouth since being founded, creating a strong central hub to the southern parts of the country, with superior coverage on the south coast, greater & central London areas.

The knowledge, passion, skills and intellectual capital of our people ensure we are able to build relationships, project manage external providers and service all aspects of a project. We maintain a strong focus and pride that comes from putting our clients and principles first.

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