9600 Garsington Road, Oxford

9600 Garsington Road, Oxford

Client: Wiley & Sons

Background: There was a long standing history of water ingress issues throughout the building. Maintenance was becoming costly so other options were explored by their appointed consultant.

Scope Of Service: Strip up 2447m² of existing roof covering back to metal deck, supply & install 3 layer bituminous felt waterproofing system with tapered insulation scheme, new running line system and lightening protection system with certification.

Form Of Contract: Purchasing Contract

Contract On Site: 16 Weeks

TSL received the invitation to tender for this opportunity through a consultant working on behalf of Wiley & sons. It was learned through the tender that the roof had historic issues of ingress and that the maintenance of the building for the require life of the tenancy would far outweigh the cost of a roof covering replacement.

The primary constraints for this project was that it had to be undertaken while the building was live, causing minimal disruption for the occupants whilst not allowing any further ingress into the building.

During the stripping back of the roof to the metal deck, it soon became apparent that any movements on the bare metal deck; such as loading out materials and even walking, was greatly amplified inside potentially causing a great disturbance (measured in dB) that was deemed unacceptable by us.

After conferring with the client, a plan was devised to provide a detailed programme of the work areas so that the internal staff potentially affected by this could be relocated. The feasibility for this was a credit to the internal organisation of the client. As a further mitigation method, we employed a noise prevention system of work, this meant that nothing could be dropped at any point on the roofs with tools tethered to aid this. Any materials or waste removed or loaded would be lowered and handled as single components where possible.

The actual strip up and installation was changed so that from stripped deck the VCL, insulation and underlay were installed in one day ensuring less time for the metal deck to remain exposed, potentially causing further acoustic disturbances. This was all achieved without influencing the programmes completion date.

Due to TSL being fully licensed on behalf of the competent roofer government backed licensing scheme, we were also able to manage the refurbishment works throughout including signing of the roof with building control. Giving our client complete peace of mind that all regulations have been met in their upgraded roof system with all guarantees being handled by the single contractor.






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