Safe 2 Torch Training Day

The guys attended a training day at the The National Construction Training Service (NCTS) Centre, hosted by Mark Dunn of Langley Waterproofing Systems. This is an important campaign that is being driven by the The National Federation of Roofing Contractors Ltd (NFCR) developed in partnership with contractors It seeks to significantly reduce the risk of roof fires when using gas torches, either to dry out roofs or when used to install torch-on membranes.

The NFRC state that “Those who create risks have a responsibility to manage those risks, placing the ownership of potential fire risks in the right place is the main message of Safe2Torch. Therefore, it is essential to make sure all fire risks are identified at the survey stage and factored in to the specification before it is written. This means that where any fire risk has been identified, or, just as importantly, where it cannot be ruled out, then the relevant parts of that specification must default to torch-free solutions. If, subsequently, it can be demonstrated that an area is safe (e.g. when uncovering an area on a refurbishment project) then the specification can, if agreed between all parties, revert to torch application”.

The Safe2Torch campaign is designed to support specification writers to comply with the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015, and ties in with the HSE’s led ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well’ strategy which promotes a safer and healthier working environment.

The Safe2Torch campaign will directly affect at least 50% of all the flat roofs installed in the UK.

Roof fires caused by gas torches, no matter how minor, pose a serious threat to life, property, the image of the industry and possibly even the long-term future of torch-on as an accepted method of covering a roof. The Safe2Torch campaign will promote the positive side of the industry, where safe specifications and safe working practices are second nature. It will give clients assurance that if they engage with a Safe2Torch Contractor and/or Manufacturer, their roof works will have been planned and installed within the requirements of the Safe2Torch guidance.

Be undertaking this training TSL are aiming to educate ourselves as a company and ensure that the safest methods are utilised. We would like to thank Mark Dunn for his time training the guys who gave us very positive feed back about the whole day.

For more information please visit:

Or visit the Twitter Hash Tag #Safe2Torch to see who else is getting involved!

Download the free Safe2Torch Guidance from the NRFC:

Safe2Torch Checklist

Safe2Torch Guidance

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