Cladding systems perform a vast range of functions, from architectural statements, thermal performance, structural integrity, fire safety and even building functionality, the list can be extensive.

There are a range of standard & bespoke systems and products that are readily available to suit client needs, in many different arenas.

Cladding (Services pic 1 - Blen)


All roofs form a pivotal part of the building envelope, its fundamental functions revolve around directing and protecting the building against all manners of weather and to promote thermal performance.

In recent years roofs have adopted a more versatile role on the building; with the growing popularity and benefits of green roof systems, becoming operational arenas for buildings HVAC and M&E requirements and even becoming socially used spaces both in the domestic and commercial environment.


Curtain Wall, Windows & Doors

Curtain wall, windows and doors form a division alongside the cladding management team, their importance both architecturally and performance based, are key in the integration with any façade.

Maintenance & Small Works


As a full envelope contractor, our expertise enables us to fully manage our clients building fabric management and maintenance requirements.

Our network of support extends to many of the UK high street retail chains, global hotel brands, large student accommodation providers, hospitality sectors, data centres, major sporting arenas and property management firms with regular planned maintenance services to ensure their building portfolio is maintained. 


Consultancy Works

In the current world of accelerated changes in legislations and regulations that apply to building owners, its important to ensure the advice and guidelines required to make informed decisions is relevant, accurate and correct.