Welcome to the team Daniel Lock!

Welcome to the team!

Project Manager – Daniel Lock

Dan joins us as a Project Manager bringing years of experience in his field to the role. Since being with us he’s made a positive impact on all those in the office whenever he’s around (including bringing in plenty of doughnuts).

Dan started out in the height safety industry designing and installing systems. He worked his way up into management and started running roofing projects alongside. Having spent 12 years with the same company he decided to venture further into the industry in pursuit of new skills and self-development. 

Why TSL?

“Having worked with TSL previously its evident that they are developing year on year not just as a business but as individuals. They want the best for all clients and employees, and they go above and beyond with personal development. Why not TSL?”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“The people I work with, whether it’s the clients or work colleges. The environment that’s created for all of us is such a great experience. It’s a pleasure coming to work.”

How has it been so far?

“I’ve never worked anywhere quite like it! Working as a team constructively to help develop the business and work with colleagues that want to help each other grow and develop. The TSL experience is something to behold.”

What do you do outside of work?

“Outside of work I spend as much time with my wife and 2 boys as possible. The shenanigans we get up to on family walks, camping and climbing trees is unbelievable!”

Please join us in giving Dan a warm welcome to the TSL family! 

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