In December we had the pleasure of announcing that Connor Hounsell has been promoted from Commercial Director to Operations Director. This role holds great significance within the business, serving as a catalyst for increased collaboration across the business. Simultaneously, it provides essential support to project teams, fostering a focus on delivering projects with refined efficiency.

It’s an incredible testament to the significant impact that Connor has had on the business since joining in 2015. Connor said of his promotion: “I’m truly grateful for the promotion, and I feel honoured to be recognised as the right fit for this role. It highlights the collaborative efforts within our business, and it’s timely as we head towards the start of our biggest projects to date. The promotion is motivating, and I’m committed to making meaningful contributions to our shared goals.”

Managing Director Dexter Copeland said: “It was a pleasure to announce Connor’s promotion at our Christmas party. He has had a significant impact on the progression of our business and will play a key role in the future, under our new management structure. It is a thoroughly deserved promotion for his immeasurable efforts over the last nine years.”

Here’s what Connor said for our quick-fire round of questions about his new role:

What are you most looking forward to about your new role?

“The opportunity to extend support across a broader spectrum of the business. There are several projects that I’m looking forward to being a bigger part of in this new role. Additionally, I am keen to further enhance our clients’ experience, making them as impactful and as enriched as possible.

In 3 words, how did you feel when your promotion was announced?

“Surprised. Elated. Motivated.

I really enjoyed being able to celebrate with the team at our Christmas party too.”

What is your favourite thing about working at TSL?

“Being able to bring our vision to life is something I’m incredibly grateful for. It involves maximising client experience, building strong relationships with our people and suppliers, and refining our processes; all of which I find hugely satisfying and therefore motivating.”

Which of our 5 values do you relate to most, and why?

“I resonate most with the value of “Family” as it reflects my belief in unity, support, and shared commitment. I see our workplace as a collaborative and supportive space, mirroring the values of a family, where collective dedication leads to success.”

Congratulations Connor!