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Employee Spotlight – Antony Knight

Antony celebrates his six-year anniversary this month so we felt there’s no better person to ask about what it’s like to work for TSL, as well as learn a bit more about him. We first asked TSL’s Managing Director, Dexter Copeland, what it’s been like to work alongside Ant over the last six years; ÔÇťAmazing […]

Antony Knight Project Manager

Meon Milton on the Move

Great to see Meon Milton FC under 7’s in their new TSL kit, they’ve made a strong start and we look forward to watching them improve in their first season together.


Employee Spotlight – Lily Sait

Lily celebrates her one year anniversary with TSL this month so we’ve taken some time to learn more about her role, her progression and what the TSL experience means. Thank you Lily for the continued hard work, always striving for the best while putting a smile on everyone’s face. What do you enjoy most about […]

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