Filbert Village

Major Projects


Hudson Advisors required a comprehensive fire remediation solution for one of their properties in the heart of the city of Leicester. The property was recently acquired and they required a partner to deliver the scheme within tight timescales to utilise revenue within student academic years.

Following a successful tender process TSL were tasked with a significant project involving the removal and replacement of existing building materials that did not meet fire safety standards. The building was to remain live throughout the project and TSL to deliver as Principle Contractor with a responsibility for the design.


  • Removal of existing brick, PIR board, combustible cladding, and cement board.
  • Installation of flexi insulation in all SFS voids.
  • Application of cement board across all designated areas.
  • Sealing all openings and terminations with EPDM.
  • Installation of Photon wrap and fire stops in cladding zones.
  • Application of Euroclad panels and ECOMIN 400 Brick slip systems in respective zones.
  • Rendering of spandrel zones with ECOMIN 300.
  • Necessary SFS adjustments.
  • Landscaping to building courtyard and external areas.


Location Leicester
Project Duration 46 Weeks
Client Hudson Advisors


Given the complex nature of the project and the need to minimise disruption to the live site, TSL implemented strategic sequencing within the programme supported by further flexibility with the building occupiers during the works.

  • High-level works were prioritised and completed before the winter season.
  • Phased inspections and scaffold strikes were carefully scheduled to align with the overall project timeline.
  • Entrance area was able to be handed over prior to the student check-in for the new academic year.
  • Works in the courtyard were also managed to allow areas for students and staff to use outdoor space during the works.
  • Multiple forms of access was utilised to reduce impact on the building occupants. Scaffolding, mast climbers and MEWP’s were used across the façade, this enabled safety, speed and flexibility to be incorporated into the project delivery.
  • Surrounding areas were being developed which required TSL to manage and liaise on their access strategy to ensure it didn’t affect other works with external parties. Strategic logistic and programme planning and communication ensured that all works were delivered with no impact on each other.


The project required continuous engagement with the client, including:

  • Weekly works complete reporting to Hudson Advisors and Homes for Students to ensure collective understanding.
  • Bi-weekly project forecasts which includes weather, noisy works and any other aspect which our works may impact the stakeholders.
  • Monthly progress meetings.
  • The client was kept informed at every stage, ensuring transparency and alignment with their requirements.


  • First major project was undertaken for Hudson Advisors.
  • Managed live site conditions effectively without disrupting student activities.
  • Replacing traditional masonry construction with an acrylic brick slip system.



The project was successfully completed under budget and ahead of the initial timeline, demonstrating TSL’s efficiency and commitment to client satisfaction.

This case study serves as a testament to TSL’s capability to handle large-scale remediation projects with precision and client-focused execution. The successful completion has led to TSL becoming an approved contractor for Homes For Students, paving the way for future collaborations.


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