Cladding systems perform a vast range of functions, from architectural statements, thermal performance, structural integrity, fire safety and even building functionality, the list can be extensive.

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There are a range of standard & bespoke systems and products that are readily available to suit client needs, in many different arenas.

Choosing the right system, product or performance can always be difficult, but with the right guidance this can become less daunting and a much easier process to manage with all levels of stakeholders, especially in circumstances of operational buildings.

As a focal part of our business we have a robust team of experts to ensure that the advice and guidance offered to our clients is the best available.

Our team is educated in the latest legislation and regulations surrounding the consistently changing safety and performance requirements of the cladding market.

The level of service that is delivered, draws from the experience TSL has in undertaking and completing major cladding refurbishment projects across the country.

We have been afforded the opportunity to work with our clients from the very beginning of their journey, from undertaking inspections and reporting, right up to specification, design, construction and the aftercare maintenance scheme.

The full package can be delivered by our inhouse team for all types of proposals which are then verified by professionally accredited 3rd party companies to ensure full compliance, giving the client peace of mind that the solution they have, is the right one.

An example of the system types that we have designed and installed are listed but not limited to the following:

All offer different elements of cost, guarantees and design life for the building and we would be happy to consult with the building owner prior to offering proposals so as to understand what they’re trying to achieve in the first instance and meeting their needs accordingly.

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