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In the current world of accelerated changes in legislations and regulations that apply to building owners, its important to ensure the advice and guidelines required to make informed decisions is relevant, accurate and correct.

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With the rising number of buildings requiring refurbishment or adaptation to comply with these mandatory changes, it’s becoming increasingly easy for stakeholders to become misinformed, mislead or even confused about what is a compliant requirement. 

Under the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 building owners and responsible persons are required to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of all fire risks.

It is essential for new or existing designs to be met in accordance with the latest amendment to ‘Approved Document B: in your facades. 

There has never been a more important time for industry professionals to ensure they maintain up to date best practice, legislation, the latest trends and developments. We are fixated on being a key partner to establish this standard. 

TSL can offer materials analysis and specialist survey techniques to confirm whether works have been installed in accordance with the specifications and relevant standards.

Water ingress prevention: TSL can offer specialist survey techniques to investigate and remedy water ingress problems across all aspects of the building envelope and we’ve become specialists in doing so. 

Survey techniques available include:

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