Health & Safety

Health and safety has become a bit of cliché in our industry, however you have to talk about it, you have to instil it, you have to manage the inexperienced, you have to carry the weight of your decisions.

You have to adapt to an ever changing market and its importance cannot be diluted. This is why we still carry this as one of our four pillars and a focal point in everything we do.   

We believe in safety of the people, whether it be our own staff, other contractors, clients, or pedestrians – Everyone should go home safe!

This topic is not just important, it’s a core value, we base our entire work ethos around it. All our projects are estimated, planned, and executed with this at the forefront. We will never prioritise profit over safety of the people.

TSL Health & safety

“You have to adapt to an ever changing market and its importance cannot be diluted”

Unfortunately, health and safety does not just exist in the physical form, it is also very apparent in mental health and its awareness within the construction industry is something we are huge advocates in and would like to play a bigger role in helping with, in years to come. This is something that we will continue to invest in behind the scenes. 

We currently adopt a stringent H&S training programme, with a minimum standard of competency, detailed to each and every employee, project and task. We invest in this training programme both internally and externally, utilising all platforms to go above and beyond the perceived construction standard. 

When acting in a principal contractor capacity, we not only rely upon our in-house expertise and NEBOSHH accredited staff, we also seek out external H&S auditors to ensure our compliance and offer effective and professional advice for improvement not only to the live site, but also to our processes, individuals and ethos. 

Promoting a positive health and safety culture, goes hand in hand with our ethos of striving for greater performance in all sectors of the business. 

We ensure that we abide by working practices and rules for effectively eliminating, mitigating and controlling hazards, maintaining a positive attitude towards risk management, complying with control processes and yielding the capacity to learn from accidents, near misses and safety performance indicators, to bring about continual improvement.




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