Photo of 64 Redland, project by TSL.
Photo of 64 Redland, project by TSL.
Photo of a 64-66 Redland, construction works project by TSL.
Photo of a 64-66 Redland, construction works project by TSL.
Photo of a 64-66 Redland, construction works project by TSL.

64-66 Redland

Small Works


For the last few years the roof has been leaking during inclement weather, this has caused damage to the internal finishes as well as posed a health & safety risk for the electrical equipment that is housed within the ceiling space.

Scope Of Service

Remove existing asbestos cement tiles, repair substrate upon removal, install a liquid waterproofing system onto newly repaired substrate and install anti-slip granules and walkways. Replacement of the existing guardrail also took place

Location Chippenham
Project Duration 7 Weeks
Client Kier Facilities Services

TSL were asked to undertake an initial testing and inspection survey to ascertain the extent of the potential defects present on the roof/terrace area. After issue of this report we were asked to provide a specification & cost for the works including provisional sums for the unknown damage and extent of asbestos removal works.

All proposals were accepted and TSL mobilised on site. Our initial task was to cordon off the areas as per the detailed phased plan that was agreed by client and tenants involved in the project. Upon successful segregation of the works, asbestos promenade tiles were removed from the terrace area safely and in line with HSE standards.

The project then commenced onto the substrate repairs that were more extensive than initially realised and caused for a variation to the works for a self-levelling compound to be used across the entire roof area where promenade tiles were present to ensure no dips or hollows would be left upon completion.

Unusually this project wasn’t without some challenges, these primarily arose during the unusual heatwave during the summer of 2018.

The project was handed over several weeks later with all snagging and issues resolved and the client happy with not only the works but the company’s commitment to complete the project despite weather related challenges.

A guarantee was released for the full 20 years and we continue to work closely in partnership with each other on other projects.

Photo of 64 Redland, project by TSL.


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