Chapter Islington

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The project at Chapter Islington involved fire remediation around the ground floor shop front and replacing poorly installed existing curtain wall screens. TSL was chosen for its proven expertise in managing complex projects in live environments.

Scope of Service

Project Adaptation and Execution:
The initial scope was fire remediation of the existing cladding. During the survey, structural issues were identified, leading to the expansion of the project to include the replacement of curtain walling and entrance doors.

Project Management and Timeline:
The project duration was 8 weeks, extended by 2 weeks from the original plan due to quality issues with the glass. TSL’s management engaged directly with the glass supplier to ensure the quality of the new batch, aligning with TSL’s quality assurance processes.

Client Engagement:
The client was Fulkers Bailey Russell, overseeing a live student accommodation. The project was characterized by effective communication and strong relationships with both the client and the building staff. Liaison with Fulkers Bailey Russell provided valuable client insights.

Operational Challenges:
Working within a live environment, particularly at the main entrance and communal areas, required strict safety measures and minimal disruption. The use of an electronic glazing robot for handling large glass panels was a key aspect of the project, demonstrating TSL’s commitment to using the right tools and techniques for efficient and safe project delivery.

Location London
Industry Purpose Built Student Accommodation
Project Duration 8 Weeks
Client Fulkers Bailey Russel


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