Favell House Roof Replacement

Favell House

Small Works


Favell House required TSL’s expertise for Phase 2 of its roofing works, addressing issues with leaks from the parapet and general roof areas.

Scope of Service

Project Execution:
The project scope was focused on the re-installation of a new roof system, inclusive of a roof guarantee. This phase followed the successful completion of the initial roofing works, with no changes or re-sequencing required in the project plan.

Programme and Phases:
The key phase involved the removal of the old roof and the installation of a Vapor Control Layer (VCL) without any water leakage into the building. This was a critical aspect, ensuring the integrity of the building remained intact during the roofing works.

Project Duration:
The on-site duration for the project team was 4 weeks, with the project being completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule. This early completion, while staying within budget, highlighted TSL’s efficiency and project management capabilities.

Client Engagement:
The client for this project was Unite, with the site being unoccupied as students had left for the summer, TSL’s ability to meet client timeline delivery requirements was exemplified.

Unique Project Challenges:
Favell House presented unique logistical challenges. Works on both access bridges to the site complicated deliveries and rubbish clearance, coupled with limited storage space. TSL navigated these challenges effectively, ensuring smooth project progression.

Handling Unexpected Situations:
A significant aspect of the project was the discovery and subsequent handling of asbestos during the removal of capping. TSL addressed this unexpected issue without impacting the project timeline, adhering strictly to health and safety regulations.

Location Bristol
Industry Purpose Built Student Accommodation
Project Duration 4 Weeks
Client Unite Students


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