Photo of a Tapestry Building, construction works project by TSL.

Tapestry Building

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Scope Of Service

Full bitumen hot melt system build up with 20-year guarantee, incorporated green roof & sedum blankets on lower levels with brown roof on higher levels.

Location Kings Cross
Project Duration 20 Weks
Client Kier Group

This section of the prestigious Kings Cross development was sent out to competitive tender via Kier Group, the contractor responsible for delivering the construction of the building. With the building being of such a high profile in an important part of the capital development, it was a project we strived to be a part of. After a fair and resilient tender process, TSL was awarded the contract to undertake the waterproofing of the balconies, winter gardens, communal gardens, and main roof areas with integrated green and brown roofs.

This project required a complex execution plan due to the programme constraints and interfacing of preceding and succeeding trades while adhering to strict measures. Due to the project being carried out in close proximity to the Kings Cross station. The project progressed through its various stages of waterproofing, allowing other aspects of the building to be constructed and waterproofed whilst still maintaining continuity of progress for all trades.

Additional works were added throughout the project; such as the building maintenance unit drive track on the 10th-floor green roofs, which was carefully designed in such a way not to affect the PV system and the green roof-finishing layer.

The project and developer aimed to keep the work as environmentally appealing as possible. Habitats were installed on the green roofs to encourage the nesting of Black Redstarts, as these are a common bird in the area. The insect hibernaculum has allowed the bio-diverse green roofs to act in the same manner as ground floor habitats with sand/rock mounds and log piles to encourage further insects. This was undertaken in line with design guidelines for biodiverse green roofs and aids in sustainability of new build developments, it will be maintained for a set period of time to ensure that the highest possible growth and quality are maintained.


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