The Bakery

Major Projects


Located on a busy street with on-street parking and narrow pavement, The Bakery presented specific site access problems, and the lack of available storage space required a phased delivery schedule, that needed constant management.

In addition to this, the site is located adjacent to a busy railway line, which in itself, requires BAPA licences, closely tied to the construction programme deadlines.

The need to remediate the building due to fire resistance requirements also presented the opportunity to enhance its thermal performance and aesthetic appeal.

Tasked with this significant responsibility, TSL embarked on a journey to bring The Bakery up to the latest fire safety standards while ensuring the building’s performance and visual aspects were also elevated.


TSL was committed to a like-for-like replacement strategy, removing:

  • Brickwork
  • Render
  • HPC Cladding Panels
  • Spandrel Panels
  • RWP
  • Roof Level Composite panels

Replacing with the following materials:

  • Rockpanel
  • Alessco Render Ecomin 300
  • Alessco Brickslip
  • Aluminium Spandrel panels
Location Cardiff
Industry Purpose Built Student Accommodation
Date Completed 05/09/2023
Project Duration 45 Weeks
Client Unite Students


The 45-week programme entailed:

  • A 2-week site setup period, inclusive of road closures, hoarding erection, and security measures implementation.
  • A 41-week construction period.
  • A 2-week period for de-mobilisation and remediation works.

The project unfolded in several key phases, starting with mobilisation, and moving through various stages of construction, each marked by the commencement and completion of different cladding works. Despite the adjustments, the project progressed methodically towards its completion.

Logistical limitations along Pendryis St and timeline constraints imposed by Network Rail necessitated numerous changes and re-sequencing efforts, despite this TSL successfully maintained project progress.

Project Duration and Budget

Spanning 232 days on-site, the project extended slightly beyond its initial timeline but was completed within the allocated budget, a testament to TSL’s effective project management and adaptability.

Unite Students, the client, remained closely involved throughout the project, with their needs and requests being prioritised to ensure the project’s success.

Uniqueness of the Project

For the TSL management team, The Bakery project was a unique venture into principle contracting. It involved direct liaisons with the council and principal designers, and coordinating BAPA approvals with Network Rail, showcasing the team’s adaptability and growth.

Visual Showcase

The transformation of The Bakery, especially its main reception tower, stands as a visual testament to the project’s success, reflecting the meticulous planning and execution that went into its redevelopment.


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