Twickenham Stadium

Major Projects

Twickenham Stadium was a roofing refurbishment project where we acted alongside an FM provider to undertake the full replacement of the existing GRP roofing, that had surpassed its serviceable life span.

During construction we removed the existing GRP sheeting, replacing it with a newly designed bespoke sheet especially for Twickenham Stadium to upgrade all properties, from UV, Infa red, durability, impact load testing, maintenance schedules and much more to ensure longevity for the client and the stadium itself.

Some challenges during the installation surrounded the safe system of working overhead as well as completing works in and around the existing stadium schedule. The work itself was directly above stadium seating for the most part which meant there was a strict regime of both working practices and cleaning daily to ensure stadium operations were not impacted. All were pre-planned and carried out successfully.

Location London
Industry Stadia
Client CBRE


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